Have Never Seen This Train Kit Before - New? Old?

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For a ~real~ old timer, look for a Northwestern (or Nor-West) General. Available in HO I got one to build a diorama around. Maybe this winter. It came in either a whole train or individual cars and generally aren't too pricey.
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The Old Man
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I have one that I built probably in the '80s. It has been disassembled because I was dissatisfied with the build, & I bought another whole kit at our local kit collectors expo for about $7. It's on my shelf to be built.
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the Legend of LAX
Sounds right...and I seem to recall it being one of the higher prizes from their Golden rewards tokens.
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From what I recall it came out in the late 1960s at about $12 for the kit when first released. Ah, the joy of waiting a few years if you have the space to store it!
Cookie Sewell
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