HELP !!! Need Help With Gloss Paint on Car

I am in the process of building a model car and I painted it today with Tamiya gloss black (Great paint) I dont know how this happened, but 2 pieces of dust must have got on the model after I sprayed on the mist coats and before I applied the first wet coat. Problem is.....I have applied 3 wet coats and the two dust spots (bumps, lumps) are still very visable. What can/should I do ??? Can I strip the paint ? What is the best way?

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Well there are a couple things you can try. 1. Try polishing it out with a polishing kit. Model Master makes a good one.

  1. If it is enamel, strip the paint by soaking in Castrol Super Clean.
  2. If it is Tamiya or Testors lacquer, soak in 91% isopropyl alcohol.

Watch the Castrol or alcohol. Wear eye protection and rubber gloves. And no smoking around the Alcohol...highly flammable! HTH Warren I'm feeling much better now.......

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Yes, sadly those do not go away. Prior to spraying a car I vac the spray room out and keep the model under a cake cover between coats.

As to your problem, stripping is an option. If the clots are right in the middle of a large area you can also sand with 600, 800, etc. and then respray. You could also just strip the localized area and sand/feather the edges and re-spray. Several options; they all involve work. Best wishes,

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Sounds like a job for...


(one of the two most incredible "car-model-meisters" I know....)

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Greg Heilers


While it's a bit late in this project, I would strongly suggest that if you spray a body shell, and find that you have picked up a dust particle, that is the time to stop, allow the spray paint to dry completely, then carefully sand out the offending area smoothly--try to avoid sanding through the color, just want to "level" the surface again--then wash up the body thoroughly, and respray. That's pretty much the way its done in real life, works every time I've had to do it on a model car as well.

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