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Greetings Friends & Neighbors,
On of those nasty little virus's came along and ate my lunch. We are
talking a complete low level format to get the little gremlins out of the
boot sector. YIKES, this little lovely goes into the registry and sets up
bogus keys, such that your virus scanner "thinks" its running, but it's not,
it will however report that is it is operating normally and that no action
need be contemplated or performed.
Correction, the only action required at this point is to completely reload
the box, complete with low level format.
Someone "out there" is running unprotected, or has a virus that mucks with
the registry giving the owner of the machine an illusion of being protected
while there "south end" is flapping in the breeze. Please Friends, take a
moment to visit one or more of the many free virus check sites out there,
and we'll all sleep a little better.
Since this is a complete reload, I felt it necessary to blitz out a test
message, and instead of just hollering TEST, to take the opportunity of
sharing my experience a send a warning to someone who may have no idea of
the evil spirits that they may be spawning with out knowing it.
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Bruce William Apple MA, NCC
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