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I'm finally starting the Contrail 1/72 scale Consolidated PB2Y
"Coronado" kit. It is the only game in town for this big flying boat
since the fabled Rareplanes kit was apparently only released in very
small numbers. I feel pretty safe in starting this vac-u-form. I
suspect hell will freeze over before we get an injected "Coronado".
I have very limited information on this big bird, does anyone
know of a publication or source photos and drawings or other info on the
Coronado. What I have in my files is very limited.
Bill Shuey
Certified flying boat freak
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William H. Shuey
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Bill - Do you have the Bill Green book "Flying Boats"? Seven photos and drawings. I could scan it and e-mail it to you if you don't. Let me know privately if you're interested.
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The Old Timer
Eons ago, "Scale Modeler" did a pretty good article on building this kit. Quite a lot of good illustrations. I am not sure of the original date of publication, but it was also reprinted in an old compilation issue: "Silver Wings Special".
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Greg Heilers
drop me a line. MAI Research Service has a pretty good file oln the Coronado.
Let me know what you already have in order to prevent duplication of efforts.
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I have the Raeplanes, and I can't really say whether the release was large or small by their standards, but when I bought my copy four years ago or so, it was one of two that had been sitting in the shop for about eight years. The next time I went back the other one was gone--as if one or more folks had been staring at them for years and figuring 'well, there's two of them and they haven't moved, so I don't have to scrape for the money.' When one vanished into my closet, the buyers got motivated and grabbed the other one just like that.
As to references, apart from those mentioned already, there is a nice few pages in 'General Dynamics Aircraft and Their Predecessors' by John Wegg (Putnam/Naval Institute Press, 1990). I've got about ten other references, but they're not much more than a smattering of photos.
Mark Schynert
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Mark Schynert

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