It really is a shame that in a scale modeling forum

A spam message (that most of the regulars don't give a damn about)
gets more responses than any of the modeling related posts made in the
month of April.
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Rob Gronovius
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Rob Gronovius wrote the following:
What spam message would that be? I only see one that got 6 direct responses and that was something about Islam, but that was turned into a Happy Easter message. I do have some filters set to eliminate spam messages so maybe I didn't see the one you mention. This is still one of the most spam free groups and has the nicest people.
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I'm more bothered by the fact that there are so few posts in total, for months now.
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eyeball wrote in news:454a29b4-5634-484b-a606-
What is interesting is we are not swamped with the real killer spam. I went to check out several Yahoo Groups and most of them have been destroyed by all sorts of spam, particularly ?wanna meet a hot girl? kind. I occasionally look through other usenet groups and they generally seem to suffer from the same problem, excess way off topic spam.
As opposed to the dedicated forums (ARC, Hyper Scale, Kit Maker, Missing Lynx) which are moderated and fairly tightly regulated but not censored. Maybe that is just the way it?s going.
I dunno, this place used to be a tremendous source of information and collected wisdom, now days go by before a new post goes up and as indicated they quickly go off track.
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Gray Ghost
Yes, instead of turning it into a Happy Easter message, perhaps a new thread with a Happy Easter title would have been a better choice. Instead, the authorless crappy spam gets 22 fricken responses for some insane reason.
And Frank and others mentions that we get so few new posts. I see why.
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Rob Gronovius
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I am sorry about that, I changed to title to lose that BS about the Moslims. Next time (if there is one), I'll start a new thread, but I'm coming in through Google and sometimes that can be next to impossible. I liked it better when I was on AOL and they had a direct link to the Usenet. Verizon (and even AOL now) doesn't. And even Google won't give me the binaries either.
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The Old Man
Been hear for years and that's what I liked/like about this newsgroup. It had/has people with interests in aircraft, armour, cars, ships, sci-fi and even atrain guy or two. I have yet to find another forum that mixed everything in like this place does/did. If nobody could answer your question 10 to 1 they could point you in the right direction....
B-10's, Mon-Key's.... sigh
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On 4/29/2011 6:09 PM, wrote:>
I'm really glad we never split the group like some wanted. We'd have had several splinters with almost no one in or one guy listening to the hollow sound of his own posts.
Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.
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Mad Modeller
If we talk about techniques/hints/tips they apply to all of us. EG, anybody use white glue to install PE rails besides me?
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