"Little Popping Firecrackers"

Hi Troops:

Bit of nostalgia in the header. That was Elliot White Springs' description of the leRhone engined Sopwith Camels that the 148th Pursuit Squadron, U.S.A.A.S. were equipped with. Comes to mind as I received a package today with the Hobbycraft "RFC Camel, leRhone" in it. I ordered it expecting it would be their existing Sopwith Camel kit with the engine from their Nieuport 17 in it. No such thing! This is an apparently completely new tool Camel. The wings and tail surfaces have a much better effort on the rib tapes and surface details. Appears to be a marvelous job compared to the old kit. Instructions are complete with a 2 page rigging diagram and there are three color profiles on the box bottom to show colors and decal placement. Decals cover three aircraft, #50 Home Defence Squadron, one of McLaren's a/c from 46 Squadron and Partridge from #3 Squadron. Nothing from 148, oh well, gotta leave something for the after market people to do. I hope Blue Rider, et al. get on this one. Hobbycraft is a really strange outfit. We have been hearing promises of a 1/32 scale SE5 and Fokker Tri-plane from them for years and here comes a completely new tooled Camel out of the blue. I'm not complaining you understand, I'm just mystified! This looks like a real nice effort. Now I have to order the Clerget engined version. Anybody got a good formula for RFC Green??

Bill Shuey

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William H. Shuey
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