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Hello All,
I am modeler who likes to built a mired of subjects and like to use aersol
spray can paints. I have used Testors and Tamiya but sometimes I find it
difficult to find the color I am looking for. I am looking for companies that
sell a wide array of gloss paints for model cars and trucks. If you know any
brands that sell a wide range of paints (With color charts) please let me know.
Thanks a bunch.
Happy Modeling
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Gee, for a car modeler, there are myriad colors out there in sprays! If your taste is more modern cars, look no farther than your local auto supply stores, for Duplicolor or Plasticote spray touchups!
There are some cool colors in the "Odds n Ends" line of paints at Walmart, etc., and those are old fashioned enamels, many of which will work out well for model car/truck colors.
Also, try MCW Automotive Finishes, they have a wide variety of acrylic lacquer paint colors in rattle cans...
Art Anderson
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Most Auto paint manufacturers used to have colour chip books but in these days of computers and exotic finishes it has become a ting of the past. the German company "Glasurit" still does it this way, and all their chips are painted not printed so they are 100% spot on. but a full set will set you back the better part of a thousand dollars or more. best bet would be to find a panel shop who has been around for a while and see if they have any old copies they would be willing to part with. most of the old style colour books were updated yearly so you'd always end up with a stack of old ones.
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