Tamiya AS Color Matching

Good afternoon. Does anyone know anywhere on the web where I can find a
color matching chart? I trying blend Tamiya (or other brands) paints to
match the AS line of Tamiya Aircraft paint. The AS line only comes in a
spray cans and I would like to use my airbrush. I am trying to match, AS-8
(Navy Blue), AS-19 (intermediate Navy Blue) and AS-20 (Insignia White).
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Can't help you with your chart specifically, but for those colors you can't match, you can extract them from the rattle can. Get a clean head for a rattle can that has a straw such as that from a can of WD40. Replace that of the rattle can with it. Put tip of straw into empty paint bottle, lightly seal in place with tape(not air tight, just to control overspray and splatter). Slowly discharge rattle can giving it an occasional shake as normal. Slow is key, too fast and you'll lose a lot out your "tape seal". Do not fully fill paint bottle, if your straw hits the top of the paint, it'll likely blow it right past the tape and straight back in your face. If you have a vented lid for paint jars meant for your airbrush, this works better than the tape. It's vented already, remove the paint pickup tube, screw it on your bottle and stick the straw in the part that fits into your airbrush. Point air vent away from you and discharge can.
Cleaning the tube to use later. First, you can shorten them to get multiple tubes from one, you only need a couple inches. Point being you don't want to buy a can that has one of these every time you go to do it. Invert rattle can and spray for a second or two like you'd do to flush the actual rattle can head. Soak in thinner, blow out with compressed air, repeat.
Thin and use as normal in air brush. Suppose I should clarify that. The extracted paint *may be slightly thicker or thinner than that of a bottle depending on the paint and how the extraction goes, thin to the usual consistency, not mathmatic ratio.
First choice would of course be actual correct purchased bottles, but when you can't find them or just need a splash for touch up, this will fill the blanks.
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