Mini-Hobby Arizona kit- any good?

Is this kit the same as the Banner/Trumpeter kit? Just got a really good book on the Arizona and it's getting me inspired. Anybody got a recommendation for what's the best kit in 1/350? Thanks-

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Jim Atkins
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Same basic kit with a different lower hull (IIRC the MH kit is set up for a motorand isn't 100% correct). From what I have read all Arizona kits have accuracy faults...see

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in the "calling all" forum. For PE you have 3 or 4 choices: Lion Roar (early set of theirs but OK), Tom's (cheap, so-so instructions at best but usually decent PE), GMM (always good PE, instructions better than Tom's but can be confusing in spots) and I think WEM made a set (very good PE, best instructions of the ship PE makers). All the sets have parts the others don't, Lion Roar has appliques to hide the "wedding cake" seams on some parts.

I don't have a plastic Arizona because it's been done to death in various scales. I do have a 1/350 resin kit and it too has problems.

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