Re: Need help USS Arizona Paint Scheme

I believe that the decks on the Arizona were unpainted. The color scheme
was dark gray on the hull and all metal parts below the stack, and the masts
above the stack were painted light gray. I think that poly Scale has these
navy colors for the grays, not sure if Model master has added navy colors in
the past couple of years, but they never had them previously.
I bought the Dragon 1/700 Arizona. The paint scheme suggested on the
> instructions seem all wrong. The deck color suggested is a very dark
> grey. I know that is wrong. Can anyone suggest proper colors that
> are readily available in the US and also if there is any reference
> available for this as well as other WW 2 ships.
> Thanks
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The Banner 1/350 kit lists the gun barrels as being painted silver.....I seriously doubt this is correct.
Has any kind of research, even a google search by the model companies, gone out the window...????
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"Craig" wrote
1. Those who build the kit to look cool won't care and will even appreciate it.
2. Those who care will do their own research. (I can't remember the last time I even read the words or matched the color symbols in a kit's painting instructions, other than writing a review.).
"Gone out the window" implies something that was had then lost. Have you looked at a Renwal or Aurora paint job, or even a Revell set from the mid 1970's?
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Kurt Laughlin

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