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>A friend has a Paasche VL airbrush for sale. Any opinions on this airbrush? I

> want something that can do fine lines as well as general model


Thanks in advance, Alan> > > I've had mine about six years and have mixed emotions about it. In a general > sense it's ok I guess, but it's bulky, heavy and I keep running into situations > where I wish I had a gravity feed airbrush instead of the VL, which is a bottom > feeder. It seems to waste a lot of paint, because it requires more than I need > just to get enough liquid in the cup to have something to siphon up. > >

I am not familiar with the bottom feed VL airbrush but I use a bottom (siphon) feed Model H Paasche with great success. I bought several boxes of plastic blood transfer pipettes from my local drugstore and pipette paint directly into the opening where the paint bottle connects. Each pipette delivers about 1/2-1 ml of paint and you can paint an amazing amount of plastic with this amount. The paint does not run out of the back of the airbrush as long as you do not point it upwards. Cleanup is a breeze, several eye droppers of lacquer thinner run through the airbrust a swab with a thinner wet pipe cleaner and another eye dropper of thinner and you are good to go. There is no excessive use of paint in the siphon bottle. In fact I usually waste more paint mixing it than I use in actually painting. HTH Pete

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Till my house burned down I had one for 7 years. Its the Model T of Airbrushes. Yeah its got its limits but for just starting out or some body with a trained hand and fingers its a good value for the dollar. I used to practice on hubcaps that were discarded on the curve not far from my used to be house. When I ran out of those I would do two liter plastic bottles just to stay in shape. Its a good tool if kept clean and practiced with regular like. :-) Mike IPMS

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