paasche VL needles question

I have a paasche VL airbrush. It came with three needles and tips. The
tips are clearly marked in separate
containers. One needle and tip is installed in the brush. The other
two needles are packaged together in
a plastic tube. My question is, how do I tell which needle is which. I
assume the number 1 needle and
tip are in the brush since the other two tips are marked numbers 3 and
5. That means the needles I have
in the plastic tubes are also numbers 3 and 5. Both the needles look
the same to me. How do I tell which
is which?
Dave Semeraro
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How do I tell which is which?
Fineness. The 1 needle is very fine, sort of like a sewing needle. The 3 needle (medium flow) is thicker and the 5 needle (heavy flow) is much thicker with only some tapering at the tip. Ditto the needle jets, tiny, medium and large for the 1-3-5.
It's not like golf!
Cookie Sewell
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