Modern Heersflieger Helicopters to go WIth Armor?

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What 1/72 scale helicopters are out there to go with the current line of injection molded and soft plastic line of for the modern German Army? It looks like the one I want most, the EH-90 is not availible in any scale. I want to mix helicopters and armor in small scall as I always thought these would display well together givne the availible soft plastic figures.


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Well there are some of those Sikorskys similar to the Marine's Sea Stallions. I'm not sure what modifications are needed beyond the markings. I also hate to even name 'THAT' company. ;[ MBB 105s are, or were, available from Airfix and they come with the proper markings. That's all that I'm sure of. There may be others.

Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.

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Mad Modeller

Well, there _IS_ an EH-90, but as previously mentioned, it's of the prototype. Also available are the BO-105, PAH-2, the CH-53 (get the Fujimi or Italeri kit, the ancient Airfix is really nasty with the rivets and fit), and UH-1D. For the UH-1D I'd say that either the Hasegawa or Esci will work, but IMHO the Esci/Italeri kit is a better fit and better on the budget. If you're interested in some slightly older helos you can al- ways use the Italeri UH-34 kit and the Italeri OH-13 kit. I have no idea where you would get the Iron Crosses, but I usually rob a bunch from my Phantom and Starfighter kits as I go. Probably the only ones to fit the smaller helos you might have to scrounge some from various Alpha Jet kits or perhaps some 1/144 a/c kits (maybe armour kits would do).

Hope this helps!


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