Names these vintage kits

I recall a range of clip together kits which included a motor and batter holder. These were in the UK in the mid 70's

There was a P51 Mustang (non-bubble cockpit variant) . The Plastic was in two shades of brown and the kit spun the prop and possibly powered a tail wheel.

Also I recall a Gray & white plastic MTB in a smaller scale that could go in water and had powered props.

Possibly a Tank and a Cessna Floatplane too.

I half think they were Scalecraft or Minicraft ? Can anyone remember the range and any others in the range

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I think they were 'Scalecraft'.

The tank was a Centurion, around 1/30th scale, possibly 1/32nd. The plastic was a very 'soapy' type, if I recall correctly it didn't take glue very well. The markings were stickers.

I had the Centurion and the MTB to run the int bath (I was a lot younger!)

The also did a 2½ Ton Army Truck, a Jeep, a paddle steamer, various racing cars (a single seater Cooper, Lotus and BRM plus a GT40 I think), a go-kart, and a London bus.

I think the some of the range was revived in the eighties in a more garish form, lots of stickers.

Hope this helps.


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Yes - many thanks, thats them

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Definitely Scalecraft. The highlight for me was the Supermarine S6B.

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