Hobbyboss kits, anyone seen these?

looked at the main website, bit curious...saw some kits a while ago, and belived they were simpler other makers kits, like the Wessex iirc...

anyway they have a 72nd HAS3 Lynx, the images look pretty good, ok now seen they have 3 differant ones....oooooo

im sure the 72nd armour stuff, inc the trains etc are what Trumpeter did in bigger scales..so are they completly ripped off, or simplified or there own stuff?

some of the stuff on there website looks very interesting...

i know my local hobbyshop has problems getting them in and ebay doesnt hold a lot on listings..

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IIRC, Enzo bought one some time back and was going to use it for parts. I think it was the A-7 and the fuselage was too wide but he should remember better than I.

Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.

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I got a Fw.190A-6 that was simply beautiful. Each major piece was packed in its own slot in a vacuum-formed holder. The decals were very nice and the moldings were very detailed. Is the fuselage too wide; are the wings too short? Damned if I know; all I know is that it went together with no problems and no major gaps or misalignments. I gave a couple to the Godson to get him exposed to the addiction; seems to be working.

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The Old Man

yes saw that, and i have the 48th T34 in progress, all interior etc which i was told was scaled down...

i cant see whos tooling the Lynx helos would be, i have a pile of Airfix, Frog, Mbox etc and have a couple of schemes i want to do....but the chance to try a much better new tooled kit would be good, so wondering if its all new...

saw some were very simple, and they do a prebuilt, pre painted range too...

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That's true. It was the A-7. The moulding is exquisitely beautiful. Sadly the shape of the forward fuselage is a caricature. The canopy looks as though it should be on an F-111. Because of that, I can't really recommend the kit. In the end, I converted it to an A-7D and gave it to my brother who has always had a thing about the A-7 but isn't quite as picky as me. :-D

I've also built the Hobby Boss Easybuild F4U-4 and F6F-5. They were fun and seemed to be quite accurate. I built them as whiffers in FAA colours.

I have heard that Hobby Boss is affiliated with Trumpeter, which explains the shape problems with the A-7.

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Enzo Matrix

well that would make sense...and maybe using that brand name, for quicker simpler kits, not like the usual stuff they do.... the website it seems, doesnt have most of the stuff i have seen on ebay and vice verca,

website shows 72nd kriegs locos, big guns like bertha etc that trump and dragon did...

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