NASA M113 pictures

Sorry it took so long to get back to you about this. You told me at
Nationals last year that you had pictures of the NASA astronaut rescue APC
you would be willing to send me copies of. How can we go about arranging
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Dominique Durocher
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This was the subject of a magazine article (FSM?) years ago.
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Tom Hiett (Dominique Durocher) wrote in news:
NASA photographs every Shuttle crew when they take M113 driving lessons a few weeks before launch.
Go to
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Use a search term of "armored". You will get a whole bunch of pictures, at very high resolution if you want. Exterior and interior shots show up.
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Jeff Clark
Ah! Another source of info, if it works. I've been trying it or the last 10 hours and it always times out before there is any response.
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Dominique Durocher

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