Re: AMtech P-40F decal sheet question

in article, Bill Woodier at wrote on 9/30/03 7:19 AM:
I picked up AMtech/TGR decal sheet #1 for the P-40F/L Warhawk a couple weeks
> ago but just had the opportunity to take a close look at it last eveining. > I'm
> interested in doing the French P-40F on the sheet but something seems not > quite
> right with the roundels and rudder stripes. The blue looks reallt dark; lik > US
> insignia blue. I was under the impression that the blue in French roundels > was
> lighter, more like.....well, French blue. Is the blue in these
> roundels/rudder
> stripes improperly dark or did they use US or British blue for their national
> insignia at this stage of the war (1943)
Good question. I'd ask Alan Griffith at AMtech and see if the colors on your
particular sheet "strayed" to the darker side. He's a friendly and helpful
fellow modeler.
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