Need advice.

I am not sure if this is the right place to ask this question, but I think
it is the same type of plastic used on commercial models.
I need to paint a Kyosho Mini z body and do not have an unpainted one to
start with.
The one that I really want to paint will not be available in time to use in
the race I am painting a body for. My husband might let me re-paint one of
his other bodies with the factory paintjobs. preferably one that he has
I want to paint his racing colors on a body and adher decals that I can
print to match his lexan bodies.
I am used to painting lexan but not the hard plastic bodies that the Mini
Z's have. Getting used to painting on the outside will be something
I am wondering If there is some kind of primer that will adhere to the gloss
surface of the car or some type of treatment that will cause the paint to
adhere well but not damage the windshield that is already attached to a
prepainted body. (Meaning I don't think I can dip it)
(Not a problem for the white bodies as the windshield is not attached yet) I
will have to mask off the windshield on the prepainted body when I air brush
the body.
I also need recomendations on the type of paint to use with this type of
plastic body and the type of finish (clear coating) to apply when done. I
assume some type of paint that requires a thinner cleanup. Am I right??
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I have used regular model enamel with great success. Testors Model Master has very large selection of colors also look at their line of Boyd paints. Paint directly on The car body masking off the windshield. If you think sanding is necessary go with 400-600 grit. Good luck, Pete
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