Need Source 1/25 Mobil Oil / Gas Decals

Anyone know of a source for Mobil Oil / Gas Decals. Especially
looking for old Pegasus (Flying Horse) Decal to make service station
Thanks Ron R
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Ron Radonovich
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Might find it through the links at Hobby Heaven at:
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Chuck Ryan Springfield OH
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Charles Ryan
I'm not sure if the sizes will be right but you might want to check the decals in the model railroad section of your favourite shop. There are quite a few decals for everyday items and some may be found for G gauge trains that are what you need.
Bill Banaszak, MFE
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Bill Banaszak
Does it need to be a decal for a service station? If not, like for a sign, just find one on the net, copy it into a program like Paintbrush, size as needed and print on an inkjet printer (as many as you need and cheaper than decals) and shoot with clear coat or fixative. Printed on white paper it could even be lighted.
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I assume these are for the station signage? If so, they can certainly be far larger than, say, a Mobilgas "Pegasus" emblem that would be used on a race car, oil can in 1:25 scale.
If you are anywhere where there are indoor car shows at this time of year (or an outdoor car show/swap meet if the weather's warm), almost always I see at least one vendor with 1:1 car secondary sponsor logo stickers. These are done on clear mylar, in correct colors; very, very sharply printed. They are certainly large enough for the signboard (road sign) of a Mobil station.
One could also scan these, print out on decal film, however, be advised that unless you have access to an ALPS printer, getting the white part of them to print won't happen, so you'd have to put them on a white background.
These mylar stickers run about $3 each or so. I have several of them set aside for vintage car diorama's.
Art Anderson
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