New Scale Model Forum

Modeltalk Forums - Please visit us if you have an interest in scale models
of any type, hopefully it will grow on to a community that we will enjoy
spending time at, feel free to register and post your problems, tutorials or
anything to give the site a bit of activity.
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so basically its the same as what we are doing now? mmmmmmm
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Yeah and so is the forum at IPMS USA, Finescale modeler, PCModeler, Hyperscale, ARC, CultTVMan, Starshipmodeler, internetmodeler, yada yada ... Alot of great info to be had at every venue!
So your flame to the original post is for what reason???
Max B.
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Max Bryant
What I meant to say was:
Now I remember why I killfiled this turkey "eyeball, etc.". He's just a jerk.
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wasn't meant to be a flame..I should have just said what's the point...BS artists and smart assed replies rule at them all :-P
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