Nice Hobby Lobby selection in Mesquite

Well stocked shelves, unlike past times for this HL. PL Nx-1 Star Trek kit (big box!), the new SpiderMan and Incredible Hulk 1/8 figures by PL, several Revell S boats ($10 with half off sale. Lots of value on that).Entire shelf run of automobiles, including the big Revell hot rod kit and the visible V-8. Lots of PL snap together plenty to choose from gotta love that Ectomobile :).

Gotta admit this store keeps a very solid stock of plastic models available. Unfortunately, they almost never get discounted. Oh well, the entire run of PL batmobiles, bat boat, bat plane and a mixed media (die cast body plastic parts) 1960's batmobile beckoned me. Truly the golden age of models is here.

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