PL NX-01 Enterprise

There is one at my Hobby Lobby at half price. I almost bought it today, but
the box is huge. Only $25.00 with the current sale.
It does not list dimensions, but gives a 1/350 scale. I do not have tons of
display room, so I limit myself to smaller 1/72 models, occassionally straying
to a small 1/48 and sometimes even a 1/32 (the Hasegawa P-26A).
Can anyone tell me if the kit is worth the nightmare of finding a place for it?
Has anyone built it?
Thank you.
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For that kind of price, YES! It runs around $50.00 but I would get it for the price you seen.
Get it while you can.
Banshee741 wrote:
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William L. Powell
The saucer section alone is about the size of the box give or take an inch or two!
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Scott A. Bregi AKA The Model Hobbit
$25 for a NX-01 is a steal. If display space is a serious issue, the NX-01 may not be for you. It's 24" long and about as wide as that box.
It's a step above most of the legacy AMT/Ertl Trek kits, but the kit isn't perfect. My biggest problems with the NX-01 regard the outrigger/warp pylon assembly. It was really tricky to get both warp nacelles aligned and parallel with each other. Polar Lights outlined a procedure to circumvent this problem by cutting some locator can read about it on the PL webboards at
Nevertheless, I think you'll be happy with the NX, as long as you're *not* expecting Trumpeter/Tamiyagawa quality.
I hear FSM has a review of the NX-01 coming up in the next issue.
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Saturn S. Padua

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