Was just dozing when I had a dream this morning that I was just finishing a version of the new 1/32 F-86, after having spent hours with Alclad getting the surface just right.

I was about to use the decals, when, in the dream, I spilled a bottle of decal solvent over the entire decal sheet, which I had just purchased for lots of money over Ebay as the last custom sheet in existence for the specific aircraft under construction!

Maybe this sounds like I need a break from modeling for a while.

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Perhaps you need a hobby. ;)

Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.

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Maybe, but while you're thinking about it, consider this. I found two different ways to prevent such spills.

1) Tried and True - I got hold of a couple of spray paint can tops that have an inside cylinder that snaps to the spray can (NOT the Testors kind!). The inside cylinder is just larger enough so the Micro- Set/Sol bottles fit inside. Outside of the cylinder, I poured a mush of white glue and bird shot to weight the stand down and make it less likely to tip. 2) My Newer Way - Recently my better half gave me a couple of Visine bottles. I took the tops off, poured the Set/Sol into them and replaced the top. This way, I can drip a bit directly onto the decal and spread it with my clean brush. Thus the likelihood of spills has been reduced.
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