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On this forum, as well as others, there has been mention of Steven Zaloga's article on O.D. in the No. 3 issue (2002) of Military Modelling Magazine. In this article, he made his famous proclamation that Tamiya OD is the closest to US WW2 armor, if lighted with dark yellow.

However, in a letter to the editor of issue No. 10 (2002), a writer makes a very interesting point. During the comparisons, Mr. Zaloga used the wrong Gunze Sangyo color (H52)in the competition. Gunze Sangyo states that H78 is the armor OD, & H52 is the aircraft OD. Having said that, the writer does make a good point in stating that H78 does look like Tamiya OD lightened with dark yellow, making it in theory a viable contender for 'the best OD out of the bottle' award.

I have both, & can verify that statement.

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