Fort Worth TX contest

Hi everyone.
I'm wondering if any of you will be attending the model contest on
September 11th in Arlington TX?
I've only been competing for a short time, but hope to make it to this
one, as I've got a few I'd like to enter.
I was at the San Antonio contest, and it sure was awesome. There was an
unbelievable number of entries.
I didn't even place in my catagories, but I sure felt honored to be in
such impressive company.
Anyway, I never really know who does what work at these events, except
for my fellow chapter members, but if any of you had work at the San
Antonio or Austin sincerest compliments.
Maybe I'll see some of you in September.
IPMS Houston
We're living in a world that's been pulled over our eyes to blind us
from the truth. Where are you, white rabbit?
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Don't even worry about "placing". That is unimportant. The goal is to have *fun*. Bring as many models as possible to exhibit. (Especially if the entry fees are "flat" as opposed to "per model"). Help fill up the tables. You don't even have to (technically) enter them in the competition. Just place them on the table for exhibition (You might want to attach a little note to the entry: "Display Only - Not In Competition"). The important thing is for everyone to exhibit their work, and share tips, and ideas. The "competition" is secondary, at best.
Put your name on the entrees, so that everyone can see who did the work. Talk and "shmooz" with the others. Share your interests and ideas.
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