model shows/swap meets where to find them?

Hi All,

So how does one go about finding out where the model car shows are? I subscribe to Scale Auto Enthusiast, and in the back they have listings for models shows, but I know they really don't cover all the shows.

Is there an online resource for this?

I'm in Northern California, near Sacramento, and I would love to go to more model shows. But I just don't know when and where they are!

Thanks for any help you might have!


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The back of Fine Scale Modeler also has this type of list. Possibly its a bit more extensive. Also check with any local clubs.

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Old Timer

Check with HHMB, it is auto-centric :-)

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-- Chuck Ryan Springfield OH

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Chuck Ryan

I recommend hooking up with your local International Plastic Modeler's Society chapter. It looks like there is at least one in the Sacramento area.

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Since joining my local IPMS chapter a few years ago, I have become plugged into all of the local model shows, contests, and swap meets. Most of which I was totally unaware of before joining IPMS.

I have found that another huge benefit of being an IPMS member is getting plugged into the local "underground" model kit market. Members of my chapter have had garage sales to allow other members to "adopt" their overstock kits (i.e. impulse buys), usually for a really low price, and provide their cherished, but no longer needed, unbuilt kits with a loving home. Because of these garage sales, I have been able to find a TON of out-of-production and new kits for really low prices.

Of course, becoming a member of IPMS also plugs you into a group of folks you can really learn a lot from. And if you haven't built a model in a while it can really kick you off dead-center and get you building kits again.

You should really look into attending to a meeting of your local IPMS chapter.


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Cool! I took a look at the IPMS website and there are some events I'd love to go to!

And I take it if I join I'll probably end up befriending more people who are into it and hence get in on the "garage sale" sale aspect of it as well. Looks like I'm in for a membership!


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