Another bridge scene update

I've completed the bridge scene, with the exception of a few little
touch-ups here and there.
My water ended up being a mixbag of things. A plaster base painted
grey/green was my foundation. I then used Woodland Scenics Realistic
Water, which is pre-mixed and pours right from the bottle.
I sprinkled some black and brown powder over it while wet, to simulate
the floating muck after the bridge had been destroyed.
Later, I chose to seal everything with a coat of Future polish. What's
kinda cool is that the Future, as it dried, naturally formed very fine
ripples around some of my stuff sticking out of the if it
knew that would appear more realistic.
Anyway, when all's said and done I'm satisfied with the results.
I promise to post a pic or two on the "alt." site so anyone who's
interested can see it.
All that's left now, besides the touch-ups, is the figures. There are
gonna be 14 of them. Painting camo patterns on 14 1/72 jackets will
surely get me buggy. :-)
Finally, will any of you be attending the contest in Fort Worth on
Saturday the 11th?
I plan to attend, and might bring some things for the contest. Not sure
about that part yet.
Take care, and best wishes.
IPMS Houston
We're living in a world that's been pulled over our eyes to blind us
from the truth. Where are you, white rabbit?
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