Ontos Box Art

So to fire the weapons on the Ontos, you had to get out each time and reload? Sounds like a nice job if you are taking incoming.

I see the box art shows a nice flaming explosion next to the guy standing outside with a shell in his hand.


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You get six shots from inside the vehicle before you have to reload. It was supposed to let you take out an enemy tank with rapid refires if you missed or the first round didn't do the job.

Today nobody gets more than four shots with modern AT vehicles (down from six a few years ago) but some missile vehicles like "Kkrisantema" can automatically reload.

But then again Ontos was a creature of the 1950s.

Cookie Sewell

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ever see the german video of the sargent plunked down with a recoiless gun shooting it and grinning like an idiot? really great.

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