Painting camouflage

Ok the time has come.
I will try to paint my first tanks (1/72) in 2-color camouflage.
I will try to do this with a brush.
I don't like the looks of airbrushed camouflage - I don't like the gradient
between colors.
Besides, I don't have an airbrush and I wont buy it soon.
Can this be done using a brush? I mean nicely done.
I tried to paint nice camouflage shape on a piece of paper with a brush but
the results are very ugly. (irregular shapes)
How do you paint camouflage shapes?
People often refer to 'masking' - but I imagine cutting a camouflage shape
it also a difficult matter. And sticking it to tank surface seems impossible
to me.
Please point me to some web resources.
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