Piece of Cake on DVD-

We were visiting my parents in Arizona and the question of what I wanted for Christmas came up - at that exact moment I flipped a page in a catalog I was perusing from the pile on my Mom's coffee table and what should leap forth but Piece of Cake! On Amazon, DVD is cheaper than VHS, too! I am clearly the luckiest person in the Western Hemisphere- no ugly socks this year!!!

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Jim Atkins
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I have it on VHS. The shows are divided by 2 or 3 episode breaks each, as well as the breaks between episodes. Anyone with the DVD know if this is in the DVD version as well? When it was running on PBS I did my own "edit"--stopped taping before the credits and started at the start of the next episode, rather than the intro, so I have a long two part movie. I also have the original pg-13 song sung in the French restaurant, rather than Frere Jaques in the tape release. Again, is this in the DVD?

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Tom Cervo

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