SP of Arizona need info!

I was wondering if any of you could help me in my search for info about this train! My Great Grandpapy worked on it as a breakman (or possibly a conductor) and I'm thinking of modeling it.

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I'd appreciate any links or other info! tia Tom

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Tom Watson
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Well Tom from that pic I would say you are looking at the late 19th century or very early 20th century. The lokie still has an oil burning headlight on it. The SP went from oil to carbide gas to electric headlamps if the it had that long a life span.

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John Franklin

On Thu, 27 Jan 2005 23:12:19 UTC, Tom Watson wrote: 2000

There is a series of books on the railroads of Arizona by David F. Myrick. I am not familiar with them but have been told that they are quite good. I think they go out to volume 4 with a volume 5 coming. Most of them are out of print but you might try your library and find out which volume or volumes covers what you want.

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Ernie Fisch

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