"Printing" our own parts!

Yes mine too. On several occasions I have successfully made some resin castings of etched car emblems and cockpit bezels.
a friend of mine produces kits and he has series of etchings produced as small as 100 pieces by ABER. Really affordable too.
I'd love to know and be able to produce the "chrome" relief stickers Tamiya includes in its kits as car emblems.
Ah, only good, because he lost the bids, Haha !!!
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Even 100 is still way too many for my needs.
Funny that you mentioned this technology. Few years back there was a small manufacturer who was producing this type of stickers. It was Auto Dynamics (in USA). I was in contact with them and they were contemplating custom runs for customers who would provide the artwork. But they closed shop shortly after that.
I tried to learn more about this technology but they were quite tight lipped. The process is done through metal deposition (sort of reverse of eteching) . I think that there is only one (or just very few) companies specializing in this process. It is mostly used by the 1:1 scale automobile manufacturer. I think that one of the companies might be in Japan. I was told that for one-of run it would cost about $200-$300 US for a letter sized sheet of metal stickers. Auto Dynamics were contemplating combining several customer's custom orders onto a single sheet in order to make the process cheaper.
Good for you (and your mum)!
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