RAF Meteors in the early 50s

Gonna start my Classic Airframes Meteor 8, and I want to do it as one of the
aircraft my father in law flew on 54 Squadron in the very early 50s. Does
anyone have any pictures, by any chance? I've found one profile, which shows
overall silver, later-style canopy, and a blue tail. I have a couple of
other questions, too:
1) Am I right in thinking that the overall high-speed silver is a paint
finish, not bare metal?
2) Anyone have any suggestions of decal sheets from which I can gather up
the 54 Sqn badge and blue/yellow checkerboard for behind the roundels?
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Matt Bacon
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Yes. It's overall glossy aluminium.
Cutting Edge (IIRC) has already announced several Meteor sheets, so perhaps your scheme will be done. Check the Hannants Website for the latest updates :)
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Jeff C

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