Rare-Plane Detective will be in Dallas 3/22, Cincinnati 3/25 & Reston, VA 3/27!

It occurred to me, that with all the traveling I do across the
country, that I could stop a few times along the road and "smell the
roses". So in addition to my heavy show schedule this Spring -
Replicon 3/29 in Freeport, NY, ValleyCon 3/30 in Chicopee, MA,
MosquitonCon 4/5 in Wayne, NJ, NoreastCon 2008 4/25 & 26 in Schorarie,
NY and IPMS Region 12 5/2 & 3 in Greenville, SC - I will be stopping
at various locations during the trip and setting up shop at local
hotels. I'm calling this the Rare-Plane Detective ModelMart Tour.
Some of the locations are familiar to me (like coming back to
Gulfport, MS on May 4), or places where I've established a "customer"
base, like Runnemede, NJ and Reston, VA, or locations where I've
supported other IPMS club events in the past, like Dallas and
I'll be coming into stops and setting up my 5 - 7 tables full of kits,
decals, aftermarket items... heck, whatever I can fit in the van... in
the motel meeting room for three hours and opening up for customers to
shop the ModelMart! Most stops will feature my "Countdown Sale" where
the prices on a BIG stack of kits will start at $10 each and then drop
by at least a dollar every half hour! I hope you'll join me on the
road at these ModelMart stops...
Dallas, March 22, 6 - 9PM. Mesquite Holiday Inn Express, 21850 IH 635.
Cincinnati, March 25, 6 - 9PM. West Chester Holiday Inn Express, 8567
Cincinnati-Dayton Road.
Reston, March 27, 6 - 9PM. Sheraton Reston, 11810 Sunrise Valley
Drive. Additional Special Guest Vendor - FIREHOUSE HOBBIES!
Runnemede, April 28, 6 - 9PM. Runnemede Holiday Inn, 109 Ninth Avenue.
Gulfport, May 4, 5 - 8PM. Holiday Inn Gulfport Airport, 9415 Highway
I will also be happy to bring web site/catalog orders to the stops for
delivery! Looking forward to seeing you!
Jeff Garrity
Rare-Plane Detective
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an ad in the globe will pay off for your chicopee show. i used to do pc shows there and the ads always helped by 4-5x business. happy sales, jeff.
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