Doctor Who and the Seeds of Death

I've just watched the final episode of "The Seeds of Death", a Doctor Who
story from 1976.
In the final scenes, the Doctor and Sarah Jane escape from a mansion that
has been engulfed by a huge alien plant. The plant is then destroyed by an
airstrike by RAF jets. I was thrilled to see a formation of RAF Phantoms
bank in to start their run. In 1976 I would have expected them to have
lo-vis roundels, but they all had the hi-vis ones. The only reason I can
think of is that they were wearing hi-vis markings because they were part of
a test programme testing a new ECM pod that could change the shape of the
aircraft. This was borne out because by the time the aircraft came to fire
their SNEB rockets, they all looked like Harriers!
That ECM pod must be very common because I often see the results. Apparently
Charlton Heston's SBD was carrying one at the battle of Midway which made it
look like an F9F.
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Enzo Matrix
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Almost certainly the BBC would have used "stock" footage from the MoD or RAF, and I seriously doubt if they specified anything other than "war planes taking off", "planes dropping bombs" or "planes firing rockets".
Therefore the film could have been taken anytime before 1976.
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It was also the one they used in Ice Station Zebra to make F4's look like MiG 21's.
Coincidentally Enzo, I just finished watching "The Mark of the Rani" (1985) so you're not nearly the saddest person here :o)
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I guess you also don't believe in all the different Dr. Whos. You have to get with the spirit of the series. There was aircraft #1, aircraft #2, Aircraft # 3 etc. and Doctor #5. The there could be an episode - "The three aircrafts and the Five Doctors."
Val Kraut
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Val Kraut
Surprisingly, as bad as "Midway" was, the version shown in the miniseries "War and Remembrance" was a lot better done and more accurate in aircraft by far. IIRC, they actually had recreated TBD's in that one. Can you imagine what they could do with that battle with today's special effects? Ensign Gay peaking out from under his floating seat cushion as three Japanese carriers disappearing into the distance get turned into floating firestorms right before his eyes? Oh, that must have felt _sweet_ indeed. Here's to Torpedo 6 and 8...they didn't intend it to go that way, but their sacrifice cleared the way for the SBD's to do their dive bombing attacks almost unopposed with truly devastating* effects on the enemy. For the damage caused versus number of aircrew lost, that was probably the most successful Navy air mission of WW II.
Note neat pun. :-)
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Pat Flannery
Oh, that brings back memories... At one point, The Doctor and Sarah Jane are running away from the house, and they leap over a large fallen tree trunk... When they pop back up, Sarah Jane is somewhat more dishevelled and has a big smile, and The Doctor is looking rather smug! I've always wondered what went on behind that trunk while the next shot was being readied!!!!!
Cheers, Gary B-)
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Gary R. Schmidt
You could try downloading episodes of "Secret Diary of a Call Girl". She kept getting her kit off in that, although oddly enough the episodes I saw were some of the least erotic things I've ever seen.
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Enzo Matrix
It would all be boring CGI camera tricks, bullet time shots and explosions the size of a small nuke. Have ya *seen* "Pearl Harbor"?
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Enzo Matrix
The chances are that Elizabeth Sladen tripped over the log and fell. It would have been nice to see a blooper reel of that.
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Enzo Matrix
hate Dr who always have, even going back to the 70's as a sprog....this modern one is naff too!
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