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How could I order a 1/72 scale Revell/Monogram U-Boat in another country?
> Does Hannants have them? Or any forgein country has them?
> William
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Did Alabama secede from the USA? Is the Civil war back on?

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who me?
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Hi William,
Hannants do stock them.
All I can offer at the mo Spence
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Well smartass, Hannant's is't in the US so the original poster is correct.
who me? wrote:
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Anyone also know if they have reached canada yet? , I have one ordered with Hobbycraft canada.
Eugene L
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Not as of this after noon!
U-48 wrote:
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Andrew Irving
This side of the pond will be getting their U boats from the second run so look for them sometime like late Feb / March time frame over here. Ordering from overseas they should be available from either Hannants or White Ensign models.
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Charles Jones
Oh, poo! My sister ordered one from Squadron for me for Christmas. I guess it'll be a little late in coming... I didn't think it would be *that* long.
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Francis X. Kranick, Jr.
Hannants stock them Brian B.
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Brian Boot
Moredun Models UK has them too, =A334.99 UK sterling. Email me off board = if interested.
HTH Andy
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Andy Macrae
Is that Brian Boot as in "Das Boot"? N
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Nigel Cheffers-Heard

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