New 1/12 scale Mercury capsule kit

New FSM has a blurb on a new injected plastic 1/12 scale Mercury capsule
kit due in March with full interior, astronaut, retro pack, and escape
tower. Don't recall the name at the moment but their web page only has a
"coming soon" message.
Mmmmmmmmmm. A Redstone booster in 1/12 scale will be 59" tall. There is
one outside the Cosmosphere where you can see all the bottom end details,
as well as the launch ring....
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Tom Hiett
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As an alternative, see .....
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.... for 1/14th Project Mercury models, the entire series of flights. These are impressive models and not too hard to build. The same publisher also has all the Project Gemini models and something called "Blue Gemini," a fictitious version of space defense Geminis that were never built, only proposed. These are quite colorful.
In this web site, mention is made that the entire Apollo project as "in the works," but this mention has been there for over a year now, so model design progress seems slow.
I have the Project Gemini models un-built (but all printed out) and can testify to the high quality of the product. Especially impressive is the art work for the copper/gold colored reflective shield, which prints out on your ink jet printer in amazing reflectivity; almost impossible to reproduce with an airbrush.
The model also comes with a smaller scale Triton rocket (1/96th) and a very nice ATDA docking module. The capsule itself has a full cockpit interior and a "cutout" astronaut, so you can open up the door and make a neat diorama of a tethered "space walk." I am unsure if any diecast astronauts exist in that scale, but that might be one part to replace with a 3-dimensional figure.
As a bonus, there is a "splash down" Gemini diorama, with the scorched and burnt capsule half floating in the ocean.
By all means, check it out at the above web site.
Vess Irvine Estes Park, Colorado
P.S. Interest in "space" seems to be returning in the news and with the public. I welcome this development after decades of decline. From Burt Rutan, to Mars rovers, to air-leaking ISS (a tad worrisome), we seem to be back in the space exploration business. Have any "SpaceShipOne" models been released yet, to anyone's knowledge? Now there is one sexy looking bird! LOL.
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Vess Irvine
Pics of a built Atomic City Models Mercury test shot, box art, and discussion:
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Looks fabulous! Sounds like it was announced a year ago and is in the test shot stage with delivery now delayed until May. But at least steel has been cut and they are well on their way.
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Tom Hiett
Tom: Surprisingly, a new company has popped up on the space model scene and they announced a 1/12 Redstone to go with the Atomic Models kit. The company appears to be serious and they have been very responsive to questions and comments in a space modelers group on Yahoo. Here's the link to their web site:
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Look at the bottom of the page for their future releases. The 1/20 F1 does look tempting!
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Mike J. Idacavage

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