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> I am building the new Tamiya Williams F1 car, and the instructions call
> for TS-51 Blue. This is an aerosol spray can. Does anyone know where I
> can get one in the UK?- my local store stops at TS-50!
TS-51 is Telefonica Blue.
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BTW, tell your dealer it's about time he got all his marbles together,
the TS line goes all the way up to TS-54...
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[**]Serge D. Grun
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Oh, this is a great color. I used it on the 2002 WRC Ford Rally car I made for my boyfriend. Search it out. It's worth it.
Lissa - a newbie/lurker - and a girl!
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All right! Another fairer sex modeler. Welcome aboard! :-)
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Al Superczynski
Are you sure it's not actually because of the reptiles?
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Al Superczynski
Actually, TS-64 Dark Mica Blue is the most recent addition.
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