Renwal\Revell Military Wrecker to Cargo truck

I found a History Maker box in good shape but a ridiculous price but I bought
it anyway. Fuuny thing is the boom looks like what you'd need to offload the
pallets of projectiles and powder.
But to the point. I can find pics of what purport to be M54s and on first
look as I suspected it is a matter of making the cargo bed.
Anyone ever done this and have suggestions? Or seen one done on the 'net.
The idea is to make a supply vehicle to go with the Revell M55 8" SPH. A
classic oldies build, using the basic kits and scratchbuilding skills to
detail and convert them. Not to win at AMPS but just for fun.
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The model is an M62 wrecker, which was the long body wrecker version of the M54 cargo truck family. You would have to shorten the frame a bit (can't remember how much) to match an M54 length but it is doable.
Cookie Sewell
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AMPSOne wrote in news:6de0848b-f787-4129-829f-65c3a544e130
Wasn't there a longer bed M54, too? Probably not right as an ammo hauler. Know of any good drawings, preferably on the net?
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