I was looking for the Aeroclub site and found that it has been closed
off since 8 March 2010.
Does anyone know how they might be accessed ?
Actuallly, I was only looking for a catalog listing to find out if
EPO 18 was the prop and installation plug for a 72nd Pucara kit.
I have one of the old Rare Planes vacs of the Pucara and the newer
Special Hobby kit (both 72nd) and just wanted to check to see if I
remembered correctly that these were the parts to go with the Rare
Planes kit.
If anyone can confirm this I'd appreciate knowing.
Thanks for checking
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Ol' 45
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There is an e-mail address for Aeroclub at Britmodeller:
formatting link
I think all business is done by e-mail now.
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Simon M.

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