Launch Pad "Krypton" Kit

I am looking for a "Krypton" kit that is, or was, being made by The
Launch Pad. I've called Performance, Countdown, All Hobbies, and
Magnum - no one has the kit in stock. I've also sent an e-mail to The
Launch Pad website with no reply. I'm being told that most think The
Launch Pad is no longer in business, but no one can confirm this and
their website is still up. If anyone has or knows where I might buy
this kit, I'd appreciate it.
Bill Schiller
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Bill Schiller
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Performance Hobbies Webstore has them listed for $34.99
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-- Bob Cox ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Bill Schiller wrote:
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Bob Cox
Bill, if nobody's emailed you offering a Krypton, go to ROL Classifieds & put up a notice that you're looking for one:
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Somebody who's got a kit gathering dust may be happy to sell it to someone that's looking for one. Good luck. -- Richard "dog ate a whole bag of unopened chips that were for a party" Hickok
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