Review - Creations Unlimited Hobby Products Airbrush Cleaning Kit

Product Review: Creations Unlimited Hobby Products Item Number 7011; Air-Br=
ush Cleaning Kit ; price US$16.00
Advantages: all basic items needed to clean an airbrush in one box; mixing =
vials included as well as a pouring funnel
Disadvantages: no hints or directions provided
Rating: Recommended
Recommendation: for anyone using an airbrush from any manufacturer
It is one thing to be able to afford an airbrush (and then a compressor) a=
nd another thing entirely to maintain them. Too often they may become clogg=
ed with dried paint, suffer damaged tips or seals, or simply not be suitabl=
y clean for general use. While most modelers who own an airbrush understand=
that you use a water trap to eliminate moisture buildup and those nasty sp=
lats of water on your nice fresh coat of paint, it is essential to maintain=
the brush in a clean condition.=20
Creations Unlimited =96 the people behind the excellent series of Flex-I-F=
ile sanding products =96 now offers a nice little maintenance kit for a rea=
sonable price in one go. The kit includes: one pair of rubber gloves; lint-=
free wiping cloths; pipe cleaners (the old fashioned kind without the plast=
ic =93routers=94 used by pipe smokers today); four eye droppers; a funnel; =
wooden (tooth) picks (the round type); cotton swabs with long wooden shafts=
; a small bottle for cleaning fluid; two metal (=93library paste=94) type s=
oft brushes; and four graduated measuring cups with readouts in milliliters=
and fluid ounces (15 and =BD respectively).=20
The set provides not only the basics for cleaning a brush but also a nice =
set of accessories for use in painting, such as the funnel and the measurin=
g cups. This permits precise measurement of mixes so the modeler can keep t=
he =93right=94 formula for his particular style of painting once he finds i=
t. The small bottle and eyedroppers are useful for measuring out paint and =
thinner when formulating a mixture.=20
The toothpicks are good for getting dried paint out of tips and tip holder=
s, and the long swabs are great for cleaning out the general bore of single=
or double action brushes. Ditto the old-fashioned pipe cleaners - using th=
e =93router=94 types tends to leave paint inside the brush and =93kiddie=94=
art project ones tend to be colored and shed very easily. The cloths are a=
ctually high grade paper towels but will do a good job of general cleanup.=
The gloves are plain blue latex and will need some talcum powder for easy =
on and off if used over a long period of time. The soft brushes are useful =
for general cleanup before painting to get rid of any loose dust or plastic=
on the model =96 nothing worse with an aircraft model than blowing all tha=
t crud up into the sealed cockpit!
Overall, while it seems a bit expensive at first the kit concentrates ever=
ything you need except for a lightweight lubricating oil in one place (I us=
e a few drops on the piston arrangement in a double action airbrush to ensu=
re smooth operation and no jerking).=20
Cookie Sewell
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