RHD dash for Golf

I have a Fujimi Golf V GTI.

Does anyone make a RHD dashboard?

Thanks Craig

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Of course, in the US this is called a Rabbit :-)

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It is called Rabbit again?!

True, it was called Rabbit back in the 80s and probably early 90s. Then they re-badged it as Golf (well they actually *stopped* re- badging the original car for the US market). I now see plenty of contemporary VW Golfs on the US roads.

Funny that you now mention Rabbit - today I just happen to be behind a mid 80s Rabbit (Diesel, no less) waiting at an intersection. The body was in surprisingly good condition (as I live in the "rust belt") but it was repainted in a lovely shade of sea foam green. It sounded and stunk like old Mercedes, spewing dirty diesel exhaust. :-)

As for your original question - sorry I can't help you. Didn't Fujimi make a Japanese (RHD) version of that car model for the Japanese market? They usually do that.


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Peter W.

One of my son's cars was a Rabbit. My father picked it out for him and I was asked to test drive it and give my opinion. I could only have loved it more had it been a stick.

The poor car was soon hit by a van and that left a deep 'V' in the front end, bending the framework and crushing the radiator. That ended its career as a whole car.

Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.

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"Peter W." wrote in news:f8bd42c1-4abf-421c-86c8- snipped-for-privacy@v28g2000hsv.googlegroups.com:

I had a '75, still burned regular. Pumpkin orange, nimble if not fast, but could 4 wheel drfit like a sumbitch.

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