Rigging for 1/32 scale aircraft

I'm looking for a source of turnbuckles and rigging attachment points for use on 1/32 scale aircraft. (Esp. stuff I could use on the Matchbox 1/32 Tiger Moth.)

Are there any accessories out there? Or maybe some ideas on replicating rigging for 1/32 scale? (I don't think my 1/72 scale tricks will work in the big scale.....)



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RC Boater
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Some outfit (I don't remember the name) makes pre-drilled plastic turnbuckles for HO railroad use. They're beautiful little things; the thru hole is about 0.020 inch. You might poke through the Walthers site at

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RC Boater wrote:

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on 1/32 scale aircraft.>

I need this information as well. I have Revell's trio of WWI planes (Dr.1, Camel and Spad XIII) that will need wired. If anyone knows what actual original rigging size was, locations thereof, etc, etc, it would be a big help. Thanks.

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