RLM colors to FS colors

Does anyone here find the Revell colors really annoying? I am trying
to match up Revell numbers to maybe FS numbers? Trying to get an
equivalent to Revell 314 and 371. These colors are to be mixed 50 50.
Does anybody have an approximate match to maybe an FS color? Any help
would be much appreciated and thank you in advance! I have put my E-
mail address in so feel free to e-mail me with your answers. Would
like to get the answers ASAP!
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I guess my question would be what model are you working on and what colour scheme are you going to put on it? I don't know Revell paints all that well to recognise the numbers.
Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.
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I doubt that you can get an accurate FS equivalent to a Revell colour... According to the colour charts on ipmsstockholm.org you could match Revell 314 (beige, RAL 1001) to Humbrol 094 and Revell 371 (light grey, RAL 7035) to Humbrol 196.
You could also try to match the RAL colours visually (or at least by name) to a FS colour via the ipmsstockholm.org colour chart
formatting link
Stephen Hull's RAL colour chart
formatting link
I'd think that this way the results would be approximate, at best.
Hope this helped in any way.
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Andrej G.

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