San Diego model vintage boat restorer wanted

1. Hope this is the right group to ask (if not what group).
2. I have a very old model boat and I wonder if it is worth restoring.
3. Would like to show it to someone in San Diego (I will not ship it).
4. It is missing some parts and the rigging is rotten. I think the
hardest thing will be matching the paint.
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This is the right group. Majority of participants are into armor, aircraft and automobiles, but thear are ship modelers here too.
You might also want to check out the Ship Modeling Email List Server (essentially an e-mail discussion group). To subscribe, go to:
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...and follow the instructions there.
more detailed description. How big is it? Is it wooden or plastic? Etc.
BTW, I'm not a ship expert... Peteski
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Peter W.

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