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Didn't some company put out a Sea Vixen model in 1/72 scale and is it still available?

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Phil Campbell
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Frog, then Revell, should be still available.

-- Greetings Piotr

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Piotr Dmitruk

HighPlanes have one. It's a low volume model and takes a little work but the results are spectacular.

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The Raven

"Piotr Dmitruk" wrote in news:cnph0u$sgl$

Frog kit is now in Eastern Express boxes.

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Gray Ghost

I have a 72nd resin kit of the Sea Vixen made by Magna. It's quite a fancy kit. I understand there are some real inaccuracies with the Frog/Revell kit.


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There was a Frogkit, a Matchboxkit and a Revellkit (ex-Matchbox), but only the Matchboxkit should be in shops available.

Phil Campbell schrieb:

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Sorry, I mean the Revellkit, which is only available in shops. schrieb:

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There are four that I know of:

Frog - also released by Revell. Novo, Modelcraft - should still be available, fuselage is a little too fat in side view

High Planes - short run IJ mould, challenging build & expensive, but accurate

Magna - resin, not seen

Elliot - vac-form, probably not able to be found!

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Dave Fleming

IIRC the Original Frog release was based on the DH.110 prototype. Somewhere along the line it recieved some modifications to the mold to bring it closer to the standards of the operational Sea Vixen.

Don McIntyre Clarksville, TN

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Don McIntyre

The Matchbox kt s 1/32 scale.

In 1/72 there were several kts: Frog (seperate kits of the prototype and the FAW.2) Bristol (resin) Contrail (vacuform) Magna (resin) (seperate kits of the FAW.1, FAW.2 and FAW.9) High Planes (single kit of FAW.1, FAW.2 and D.3) Project X (vacuform) and a few odds and ends in wood, desktop display models and the like.

Best bet would be Magna and High Planes. The Frog FAW.2 is harder to find, but it's a nice kit.


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Wasn't the 1/32nd scale Matchbox kit a Sea Venom rather than a Sea Vixen?

Gordon McLaughlin

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Gordon McLaughlin

Quite correct. The Matchbox 1/32 scale effort was a Sea Venom. Very basic, but can be built into a very impressive model. Get a couple of the resin Martin-Baker Mk.2 seats made for the revell Hunter, they help a lot.

Bill Shuey

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William H. Shuey

it is as im building it, or have been for the last 5 years, now almost ready i lost the sodding nose cone

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They're all the same kit. There are also boxings that were produced in the Soviet Union pre- and post collapse from the Novo moulds.

Bill Banaszak, MFE

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Couldn't find that one. Is "dragon model hong kong" the correct seller id? tia,

The Keeper (of too much crap!)

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