seasonal modeler?

not that i dont think about modeling everyday,.or that im on e-Bay looking everyday,but it seems that more of my kit building is done in the late fall to early spring here in the n.e. part of ny state where i reside. due to being a homeowner and having other related family duties/hobbies,etc it laeaves little time for that the days are getting shorter(darker earlier) and its getting closer to winter .its basiclly model building time again in a couple of months, about the rest of you? time to start removing parts from the sprues and cleaning up some flash,from the kits i bought all summer ,are you a full time/part time /seasonal modeler/kit builder /collector?

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I think of myself as an all-year builder even though lately I haven't done diddly down at the workbench.

Bill Banaszak, MFE

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Bill Banaszak

Pretty much the same with me. Summer is pretty precious, and I am either outside in the pool or going somewhere or doing yardwork in the good weather. I think I completed two models from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Kim M

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Actually it's time to start packing it all away. I live in southeast Texas, October-April are the months you actually can venture outside for the entire day and not suffer from heat stroke. Heck, in December I can even shut off the air conditioner once in awhile.

It was a crisp fall day with a high of only 93 today! :-)

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I find the two weeks prior to April 15th (tax deadline in US) is the worst time to get any modeling done. ..../V

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Vess Irvine

autumn & winter: starting new big projects, cutting parts, sanding, filling, rescribing (while watching TV) spring & summer: painting, finishing, get as many projects off the workbench, reorganizing kit collection and to do pile, buying huge lots of kits, panic not enough space, summer cleaning, buying more kits, end of summer depression, not enough kits finished, targets not met, more panic, giving up projects and putting them aside in yet another closet....

Every year the same ;-)

Erik Wauters, Belgium

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Erik Wauters

I could see that happening - if the weather kept me indoors for the winter, I'd probably do the same; but being as I live in sunny SoCal and love the outdoors I suffer distractions from the bench year-round and my building pace also suffers year round.

Otherwise I shop/collect continually...whether I'm actively building or yourself.

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I am definitely a seasonal modeler. Late fall till the first time the temperatures rise above the fifties is my 'prime time' for modeling. Even then most kit building is done is done from the early evening till the wife calls me to bed. I've had to curb my addiction to buying kits that I know I will never complete as the Scottish side of my genetic code sees it as almost a sin. When spring arrives I have two beautiful motorcycles that beg me to ride them and satisfy what still remains of the wanderlust of my youth. Regardless, I still participate and support the hobby and I am glad I re entered it. Thank You All for your time and thoughts. Mike IPMS

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Mike Keown

During summer my projects slow down a lot. The funny thing is that every year in mid-July I check if I must restock something (paint, glue, putty and so on) just in case I want to work on some model (during August it's not so easy to find an open hobby shop). Then usually I don't model at all, but if I decide to do something, I always run out of something I needed to finish the model :)

I think that fall is my best modelling season.

My 0.02

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I live in northern NJ and I model in the fall/winter monthes more than the summer. On the real hot days or rainy days (We have had a lot of those this past summer) I build a little bit. I only completed 1 large and 1 small model project since April.


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