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anyone wanna sell a tamy lanc for less than a testicle?

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No, but that reminds me of the story about the new employee at the toy factory.

She was told to do a specific job at then end of the Tickle Me Elmo production line. After about an hour the line foreman came storming into the Personnel Manager's office.

"That new girl has to go and right now!" he stormed.

"What's going on?" asked the PM.

"She's standing at the end of the belt with a bag of marbles, some small bags and a roll of ribbon. She tries to tie two balls in a bag with a ribbon between Elmo's legs. The line is so backed up that there are Elmos falling off the belt everywhere and we are an hour behind schedule" complains the LF.

The PM tells the LF to show him what's going on.

When they arrive at the line the PM doubles over in laughter. The LF yells at him in frustration "What in hell is going on?!".

When the PM regains his breath he explains:

Drum roll:

"I told her to do two test tickles on each Elmo !!!"

Sorry, I can't help myself sometimes.

I hope that you find your Lancaster and it comes out just great.


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baliff, whack his pee pee!

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