Size of this Hasegawa sci fi kit? Maschinen Krieger

1/20 scale does not mean a lot in the world of fantasy sci-fi.
Maybe its a foot long????? What y'all think.
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Amazingly, it's on Amazon. The product description says 4 * 6 * 2.5 inches. The photo shows a figure standing next to it, making it about car-sized.
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Jack Bohn
Hmm. Bigger than that it's just over a foot long, I could say for sure but mine copy is out in the workshop. Detail is nice, not heard of any major problems, but for some of the interior detail parts needing a bit of adjusting so everything fits. The minigun barrels are a bit thick eared though.
Hasegawa have also just released the laser armed version which fixes the last bit.
Worth getting if you want a Luftwaffe-esque SF model. Don't think you'll pick one up cheap though.
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Mark Bivens
If the figures are 1/20, and if you use 6' as the baseline, the figure would be around 3.5" tall. That might give some perspective.
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Here is what HLJ says
Following up on last year's fantastic Falke release, here's an interesting limited-release Falke variation with Excimer Laser Gun, from Kow Yokoyama's amazing world of "Maschinen Krieger"! Sharply molded with fantastic detail, this Falke will measure 28.6cm (almost a foot) long when completed. Includes a nicely detailed cockpit, engine, and laser gun areas, and comes with two pilot figures, one standing and one seated. The Excimer Laser Gun, radome, and other parts are newly tooled for this kit. Waterslide decals are included for multiple versions. Instructions are in Japanese with English.
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